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الخميس, 21 يوليو 2011 10:15

Faisal Husseini Foundation - Jerusalem



Welfare Association



ECOS - Portugal



Afro-Jerusalem Society



Burj Luq Luq Social Center Society



Youth Development Depart - YDD
دائرة تنمية الشباب



Palestinian Counseling Center - PCC



Asoc. Jóvenes Solidarios



Representative Office of Norway in Palestine - NRO



Save the Children Sweden



Right to Play



Euro-Medateranean Youth Platform



Anne Lindh Foundation - ALF



EuroMed Youth Program - EMY



EuroMed Youth Unit in Palestine - EMYU



SALTO Youth Resource Center - EuroMed



Emergency Water Sanitation and Hygiene in Palestine / EWASH



Thirsting for Justice Campaign
Palestinian's Right to Water & Sanitation



OXFAM Great Britain





In Action Cultural Center


Lithuanian Palestinian NGO Network


Centro Intercultural Ideas de Colores


Tavola della Pace



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