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الأربعاء, 24 مارس 2010 10:10

Sample activities for “Jerusalem Youth Parliament” can include:

Workshops: there were several workshops conducted on several issues such as Planning, leadership and communication skills.


“Iraf Watanak/know your country” program: several tours to the old city in Jerusalem and to the north of Palestine were held as part of this program.

Celebrating International Days:  In order for youth to think and feel part of the global world, acknowledging and celebrating the International Days are important.  Such days can Earth Day, International Women's Day, World Health Day, World AIDS Days, and International Day of Human Rights.  For such occasions, youth can plan information fairs in their respective schools or they can invite speakers to come and address students at a general audience.  This is also a good way to have the arts be a part of their school activities.  They can put together theater performances, musical concerts and other performing arts activities.


Issue-Focused Information Fairs: These can build on the International Days celebrations or can be held at other times.  For example, an environmental fair is something that can be done around Earth Day, but students can also organize recycling days or beautification days where they clean up the area around the school. 


Prevention and Awareness Days: The importance of caring for the body can be stressed - physically, emotionally and mentally. Events such as workshops or seminars on healthy lifestyles, sexuality, nutrition, understanding emotions or problem solving and managing conflict.


Training Summer Camp: A training summer camp is held in July yearly, there are trainings on leadership, communication, planning skills, capacity building and Human Rights Education.