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Students Teaching Teachers: Youth Parliament members take on the role of teachers during a series of computer workshops offered to teachers. Members can offer several programs, each as a one-hour class after school, which include:

    - Basic computer use: Sending an attachment using rich text format, cut and copying graphics, properly using a search engine.

    - PowerPoint presentations: Creating a PowerPoint presentation including music, graphics, and designing backgrounds.

    - Web page design: Creating a Web page using basic methods including links, graphics, and background designs.

One or two students can tem teach, with additional student helpers in the room. Generally, youth enjoy boasting about their computer knowledge and teachers appreciate the opportunity to learn a new skill or program.

Community Service Day: Youth Parliament members can organize a school-wide community service day. They can collect the names, locations, and needs of various organizations within the Jerusalem community at which students and advisers can volunteer. Students sign up for their top three choices and groups are organized with one or two chaperones to volunteer.

Career Day: As a service project to the members of their school community, members of the Youth Parliament can sponsor a Career Day where juniors and seniors interested in a particular field of study are allowed to leave class and attend presentations made by professionals in that field. Members will need to identify and contact individuals from a variety of professions to obtain the speakers, and prepare a schedule of presentations from which students could choose.

Fundraising Days: The members can organize days where they sell either home-made food goods or crafts made by local craftspeople. The proceeds of these sales can both benefit the school as well as their local community as they support local craftspeople.

Youth-to-Youth Training Programs: Juzoor proposes a human rights education and active citizenship training project targeting youth leaders from East Jerusalem. The project aims to engender a culture among youth where human rights are understood, defended and respected. In addition, we aim to empower youth with knowledge of differentisra models of responsible citizenship so they can effect positive change in their communities. Through the involvement of partner organizations from Italian, Sweden and Spain, participants from all four countries will be exposed to different cultures and benefit from intercultural learning and appreciation. Juzoor and partners will help to facilitate the development of an inclusive, reciprocative Euro-Med culture, creating a network of active and informed youth leaders on both sides of the Mediterranean that can be built upon and expanded in future activities.


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