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Jerusalem Youth Parliament is a project of Juzoor for Health & Social Developement that aims to make the experience of Democratic action come true starting from the student's field.

The project engages a diverse group of students ages 12-17 from fifteen Jerusalem Schools in a Youth Parliament which is designed to foster leadership development and community building, as well as provide youth with knowledge relevant to their growth and maturity. The Youth Parliament is a representative body made up of students who are elected by their classmates; it engages participants in multiple arenas and exposes them to a number of subjects and issues, ranging from elections within their respective schools and the subsequent development of by-laws for the Parliament, to cultural and physical activities, to workshops on human rights, environmental issues, gender and reproductive health and other topics of interest. It provides a forum for youth to freely express their opinions and priorities, address and take action on different issues related to the challenges they face today in Jerusalem.

The youth parliament is a youth body that was founded in 2007 to be organized as a union of one mutual educational, social and national attitude in the Palestine community through democratic mode. The youth parliament actions are basically centered at schools which are considered as one of the most important social institutions in the community. Youth are always in need for such the Jerusalem Youth Parliament program, which basically focuses on themselves and their concerns. Hence, youth are very interesting to involve themselves in such this program gives them the opportunity to express themselves, widen their relations and achieve some changes in their community. The youth parliament now has fifteen schools that participate in all youth parliament actions and planning. As a result, the total number of students involved in the parliament reaches more than 450 members. The total number of students participated in the youth parliament activities during the last three years is around 3700 students


We are always looking for new members and volunteers. Give us a call anytime, or just stop by. Our doors are always open. Call 02-2414488 or email هذا البريد الالكتروني محمى من المتطفلين , يجب عليك تفعيل الجافا سكر يبت لرؤيته


Jerusalem Youth Parliament
Jerusalem P.O.Box 17333
Tel: +972-2-2414488
Fax : +972-2-2414484
هذا البريد الالكتروني محمى من المتطفلين , يجب عليك تفعيل الجافا سكر يبت لرؤيته

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